What's with the coloured circles?

Using a traffic light metaphor, the coloured circles enable you to see if a card has capacity to travel at a glance.

Green says you can travel. Orange warns you of an impending change. Red means you can't travel.

The type of circle displayed depends on what kind of credit you have on your Myki. A hollow circle is shown when your card is charged with Myki Money, and the circle is filled when you have a Myki Pass.

Myki Money --> ○

Three status indicators for each myki money state

No Money
The card's balance is too low to travel.

Low Balance
The card has $10.00 or less credit.

Can Travel
Your card has a balance of more than $10.00.

Myki Pass --> ●

Three status indicators for each myki pass state

Negative Balance
An extremely rare state where a pass has been applied to a card with a negative Myki Money balance. Even though the pass is there, Myki won't allow you to touch on. 😐

If you're seeing this state, add some Myki Money to your card to enable the Myki Pass.

Pass Expiring
A card's pass will expire soon.

Pass Active
Pass is active. More than 24 hours remaining. Myki Money is in credit. Everything is fine.

Last updated 1 Dec 2019