Rhyno's Privacy Policy

💁‍♀️ Rhyno collects no user data, and uses no analytics.

🚊 Rhyno is hand-coded in Melbourne.
It contains no third party code or libraries.

🗿 Rhyno doesn't do creepy stuff.
Saved card numbers are stored securely on your device, and used only to check your card details on Myki's website.

📍 Outlets map & your location.
To show you a map, Rhyno requests your location and uses Apple Maps.

You can view Apple Maps' privacy policy by opening Settings App on your iPhone, selecting Maps, then tapping About Apple Maps & Privacy…

Rhyno collects no location information. Rhyno does not send any of your location information to Myki, PTV or any other parties.

(because that'd be gross)

🕵️‍♂️ By the way, if you have a Myki account…
That means you've got a ton of privacy policy reading to do over on PTV's website (we're so sorry).

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