Press Release: Check your Myki balance on your iPhone with Rhyno

Announcing Rhyno, the simplest way to check your Myki balance on iPhone.

Three devices, each showing Rhyno in a different state

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Tram travellers rejoice: new iPhone app Rhyno features a concise design, robust utility, convenient integration features and a cute app icon to boot. In short, Rhyno makes tram travel less crap.

Melbourne, 10th December – After 6 years of Myki frustration and 10 years of making quality apps for iPhone, Matt Kelsh and Vlas Voloshin were well and truly ready to make something good for Melbourne: an iPhone app that lets you check your Myki balance without any fuss.

Today, following countless hours of testing and refining, collaborators-in-apps Matt and Vlas are thrilled to announce the release of Rhyno.

It’s really simple. Just sign in with your Myki account and all your cards are automatically displayed.

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The way it should have been done in the first place.

Here are Myki’s website and Rhyno for iPhone, side by side.

A side by side comparison between Myki's website and Rhyno on iPhone.

Any seasoned tram rider will know that the Myki website leaves much to be desired: users are logged out for no reason, text size is microscopic on mobile, and modern accessibility standards are almost entirely thrown out the window.

Commuters of Melbourne deserve better.

With Rhyno, you only need to sign in once then you’re good to go. Your Myki status is stored on your phone and refreshed at regular intervals, so when you want to check your balance it’s already up-to-date.

Rhyno supports Dynamic Type on iOS

Rhyno is entirely accessible, with VoiceOver (screen reader) and Dynamic Type (large font) support. There’s also a couple of hooks for Shortcut actions built in, so you can enable your own automations based on the status of any of your Myki cards.

Rhyno also has no cloud service, meaning everything Rhyno does on your iPhone stays there. Rhyno doesn’t collect any data, analytics or anything about you.

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What is Rhyno?

Rhyno is a neat app for iPhone that uses your Myki account to tell you the status of your Myki cards in a simple and convenient way.

No, the guy on the app icon. Who's that?

Oh, that's Myke the Rhino! (His mates call him Mykey) He loves to skateboard with his mates. The man tells people to beware of him, but that's rubbish.

Who made this?

Matt Kelsh & Vlas Voloshin. We make apps for a living.

Why did you make Rhyno?

We want to make people's lives a little bit better, and Myki is one of of Melbourne's low hanging fruit in terms of problems that need to be solved.

We also love the craft of making good apps, and continue to build Rhyno to our high standards.

How much does Rhyno cost?

Rhyno is offered at no cost. We want the price to be accessible so everyone can know their Myki status.

Why is it called Rhyno?

Something about skateboards.

When can I download Rhyno?

You can Get Rhyno from the App Store right now! Here's a handy link that you can copy & paste.

Are my details safe with Rhyno?


What doesn't Rhyno do?

Rhyno collects no data, metadata or information of any kind.

Rhyno doesn't top up your Myki. This is best done at a Myki machine or vendor.

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Twitter DM: @rhynocards

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