Getting Started

Getting started with Rhyno and Myki.

You need a Myki Account to use Rhyno

Before you can use Rhyno, you need a Myki account. The good news is, they’re free and easy to get.

Simply fill out some details on Myki’s website to get one.

Note: you may need to wait a few minutes after registering a new Myki account before you can use it in Rhyno. That’s just because sometimes Myki’s system doesn’t recognise new accounts straight away.

Connecting to your Myki Account

When registering your Myki Account, you set up a username and a password.

Enter these details in to Rhyno to see the value of your cards.

(If you’ve forgotten your username or password, that’s ok. You can reset them with your card number on Myki’s website.)

Further Reading

Last updated 1 December 2019.